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"Casa Franz", the Simple Architecture "Taming" Forest

Author: Tabita Diela | Friday, February 15, 2013 | 15:21 pm
The architects tried to bring natural wealth into the space that can be occupied. Interestingly, they seemed not to bother with just making a minimalist design at the rest home. - Argentine architectural firm named BAK Arquitectos make a vacation home in beautiful Mar Azul forest area. The house was built in 2010 as a building "summer escape" from the city of Buenos Aires Metropolitan.

Previously, BAK has created a variety of summer house with almost similar kind in the area. Generally, rest houses BAK Arquitectos work can be identified by the form of exposed concrete facade and a large glass.

The houses are suitable as a quiet vacation home. Existing vacation home in Mar Azul, for example.

María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk of BAK Arquitectos is a genius pair behind the house. Both of these architects worked the land area of ​​337 square meters with a building of 87 square meters.

The architects tried to bring natural wealth into habitable space. Interestingly, they seemed not to bother with simply making the minimalist design of the rest home.

The house is named named Casa Franz has a simple shape with a flat roof. Form of "boxes" in this house makes it converges on uneven ground contours.

In addition, the use of simple exposed brick on the exterior of the house is also "treated" with a light accent "sneak" out through large glass around the house. When dark, yellowish light coming from inside the house adds to the beauty of this vacation home. In contrast, in the daytime sunlight can easily illuminate the interior of the house.

Exposed concrete visually provide relief, while the long glass separating silvery existing fields on the facade of the house. The terrace looks slightly raised from ground level. This makes the two-storey detached house of a way around it.

In addition, the characteristics of the house, two large pine trees that "stab" the house on the patio area gives a distinct impression. In fact, the split-level provides an outline view of unlimited length and shape make it a modern vacation home is beautiful and simple.

"Taming" forest

This house has two bedrooms. Although size is not too big, but the translucent glass makes it blend with nature and the inhabitants do not actually have the impression trapped in a small box.

As reported in, Casa Franz forward the idea to "tame the jungle" while doing a new practice in the architectonic is subtractive. Convenience is also aided by the house with high ceilings double, large glass that maximize natural light, as well as to enjoy the scenery without the need to be outdoors.

In addition, this home also has a specially designed social areas and a large gathering. Because the project was initiated to provide a lot of space for the family.

Unfortunately, according to the official website, since December 11, 2012 and María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk no longer working in the firm. They began to work in private.

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