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Ssstt ... These suppliers Luxury Homes in England Football Star!

Author: Tabita Diela | Monday, December 31, 2012 | 11:41 pm

David Hughes. - Every lover of English football to know where his favorite world-class footballers stay. The top football players generally unwind in their luxurious homes after spending energy on the gridiron.

"Golden Triangle" where the athletes were staying between Alderley Edge, Knutsford and Wilmslow in Cheshire. The location is 20 miles from Manchester and 45 miles from Liverpool.

For 20 years, developer David Hughes has managed to provide a home for the players the ball. Harry Kewell started to use the services of Cristiano Ronaldo David Hughes when looking for a home.

"Now people have forgotten, how young and naive Ronaldo when he first arrived in Manchester," said Hughes at his home in Chelford.

At that time, Ronaldo and his friends want to make their own ice pond. He bought an ice machine and put it near the pond.

Ronaldo and his friends did not even realize at the time that the ice-making machine cable lying on the wet floor. Imagine, if the reckless act when it was able to kill himself. Most likely, we will not know the skill of Ronaldo.

Now, Hughes is not just looking, build, and sell luxury homes for the young footballer. He also was selling his own house in Chelford.

The house is named Holly Tree House was a "model home" for houses that he sold to the footballers and other athletes. Besides the attractive exterior, complete with exposed brick walls, leaves and vines, the interior of the house is also outstanding.

Although some people considered this house too fancy, but for David Hughes is not negligible compared to the taste of the star players. Because, besides the pool, this home also has a Japanese-style water park, fishing pond, tennis court, mini golf, and a heli-pad.

In 2008, David Hughes lost business because of the economic crisis properties. However, he said the decision to sell his private house has nothing to do with his own property business.

The house he built in 1997 has a memory of his first wife. Now, he has been married to his second wife for 4 years. He and his wife wanted to make another house of similar, but slightly smaller.

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