Thursday, April 11, 2013

'T nursery', Concept Inspiring Wooden Games

Author: M Latif | Wednesday, April 10, 2013 | 18:18 pm - It was, naming 'T-nursery' is very apt pinned by the manufacturer, uchida.tak architects, in this building. Located in the commuter area not far from Fukuoka, Japan, child care center building was constructed with three main pillars, namely wood, poles, and trapezoid.

Neatly arranged on modules that can easily be rearranged for expansion and future needs, the wall around the building consists of wood blocks bearing 9 meters which allows flexibility in the design of the interior. Buffer of semi-finished wood is assembled in a small workshop in the building construction site with first adjusted to the required accuracy.

For finishing the interior looks a bit more easily and using inexpensive materials, such as oriented strand board panels (OSB) that closes the interior walls and roof structure. While the use of wood flooring with a darker color add the color scheme to be more crowded.

The main room at the child care center adjacent to the toilet, office, and outdoor patio. On the outdoor patio is available for small kitchens serving food without the need to make children too far to reach. You inspired?

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