Monday, April 8, 2013

Want Property Investment? Here's Tips

property, one of the attractive investment instruments. However, to run this type of investment, you have to spend in deeply. Because today more property prices soar along with the limited amount of land and the high inflation rate. Although prices continue to soar, this investment also has its risks. Of course, there are some things to consider before you start investing glance at this one.

Choose a reputable developer
Pick housing built by developers who are well-known. Business property is currently making a lot of new developers to jump into this business. However, to build a new and integrated region needed a strong and experienced company. Even so, there are also some new developer affiliated with experienced developers so a decent score.

Note the location
Buy a property in a location that most buyers will stay in the house. Do not buy a lot of properties purchased by speculators to invest so most will be left blank which caused a lot of people do not live in the area.

Limited purchasing power and less rapidly with rising prices lead to only certain houses are sold to be traded. For middle-class home with a price of under $ 1 billion is still attractive with an average price of between Rp 500 million - Rp. 800 million. As for the members of the broader society, house worth USD 100 million - USD 300 million could sell like hotcakes. But usually the price is going to be on the outskirts of the capital city.

Note facility
See the facilities constructed or to be constructed by the developer. Is there a good school to be built in the area? Will there be sports facilities, shopping malls will be built? If the residential area on the outskirts of town, check out how access to and out of the housing to the city center such as toll roads and so forth. (* / From various sources)

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