Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sports not "Photoshop", This is the Most Bizarre Buildings in the World!

Author: M Latif | Friday, April 12, 2013 | 11:29 pm - Perhaps you had some time look at a variety of furniture Can Anda deceive the eye. BUT, how does the New Media Houses husband, Yang seemed to do a "fraud" digitally on Anda vision?

Indeed, there are ways to be The World's FIRST start Everything initials. Perhaps, THIS is What I proved Crooked House or "Crooked House" in Sopot, polish. The house was designed as a tribute to the initials of The works of renowned Children's Books Illustrators, Jan. Marcin Szancer.

But, of course, not the eyes or the eye lens CONTACT Anda That blur to make the house looks like the initials "peyang". Entrenched in the area fairly famous polish, Monciak Street, where prayers The Crooked House became a tourist attraction unique blanch.

Designed by architect Szotynscy & Zaleski, initials house was built in 2004 Kitschy FUNDS. WHEN husband, building area of ​​43,000 square persimmon nil is a distinguished Shopping Center in Metro Kaluq And lined up as salat One "Strangest Buildings in the World".

Yes, even the eyes of Anda "Sick" for a taxable income WHILE see, Anda Building certainly would appreciate initials as original work, not "game" photoshop. See for yourself!

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Source: Huffington Post
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