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Five Most Expensive Apartment in Jakarta Dollar cost

Author: Hilda B Alexander | Saturday, April 6, 2013 | 17:37 pm

JAKARTA, - No need fanfare publication. No need to also regularly on television advertising. Five luxurious apartments yet to gain a tremendous success. This success is not limited to the level of sales achievement, a positive image is also inherent in the public memory.

Why five apartment? Because only five apartments is worthy of the title as the most expensive and most luxurious apartments in Jakarta today. Other apartments, the job was just often on screen, did not touch any of these categories for acceptance is called "fancy" and "expensive".

According to the CEO of the Property Leads Indonesia Hendra Hartono in an interview with, Saturday (04/06/2013), there are six to seven elements that must be met in order for the tall residential ogled by the upper class (jet set).

The first and main one is the location. This will determine the selling price of the apartment itself. The more elite location, the higher the price of land. Of course, this implies directly to the selling price of apartments built on it. Jakarta elite areas are often targeted by developers is Menteng, Kebayoran Baru, Mega Kuningan, Setiabudi, Sudirman CBD, and Permata Hijau.

The second is a complete facility with standard facilities available in five-star luxury hotel. Third, the specification of high-quality building materials in accordance with customers' expectations among the upper classes (jet set). Fourth, the extent of the apartment unit. If the count could be two to three times the middle apartment unit.

Fifth, the limited number of units. The fewer units are released to the public, will be more exclusive. Sixth, the apartment manager class five star hotel operator. Seventh, the reputation of the developer. Once there is a red spot in the track record, the developers will not always be trusted.

Well, where the apartments are "expensive" and "luxurious" it? here's the list:

1. Dharmawangsa Residences Tower 3

Luxury apartments developed Samudranayaka Superior Group is located "hidden" in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Because much of the frenetic traffic, Dharmawangsa Tower 3 is considered the most private with high security level. Selling price exceeded 6,000 U.S. dollars per square meter, equivalent to Rp 58.5 million per square meter. Rosewood Sanudranayaka appoint as managers.

2. Keraton Residence

PT Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk specifically designing this apartment and is intended for the the haves. There are units that are still open for you to have the size of 350 square meters, 500 square meters and 1,000 square meters. The price offered to the public valued at 5,200 U.S. dollars per square meter, equivalent to Rp 51 million per square meter. Professionally managed by Starwoods. No wonder the media bosses known in Indonesia, which now plays in the political arena has several units here.

3. The Capital Residence

Tower with a crown Prambanannya center of public attention in the Sudirman CBD. Dhanayasa Arthatama Mahaka Group and built with quality materials, design, and management of the luxury hotel standards. Buyers had to spend around Rp 7.6 billion to buy a unit about the size of 150 m2, equivalent to Rp 51 million per square meter.

4. Pacific Place

Group Two Pearls took the Ritz Carlton to manage their apartments. Name of the operator is obviously very attractive interest-socialite socialite Indonesia to live here. They are not sensitive to the price of 5,000 U.S. dollars per square meter (Rp 48.7 million per square meter). Therefore, they are not speculators who expect growth high gain, but the end user.

5. Raffles Residence

Not in vain Ciputra Group to market this luxury apartment. Since launched two years ago, has been absorbed almost 90 percent. Currently, they are offering the remaining units with a selling price of Rp 45 million per square meter (4,800 U.S. dollars). Raffles was appointed as managers.

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