Monday, April 8, 2013

New Regulations Build Houses Minimal Type 36

Jakarta. Developers are already building a house type under 36 m2 forced to sell to commercial or non-subsidized mortgages. They even claim to give subsidy of 1.25% per unit, in order to cover the interest commercial banks offer 8.5%.

DPP Chairman of the Association of Housing and Settlement Development Indonesa (Apersi), Eddy Ganefo, describes 3,000 homes have undergone credit agreement with a commercial mortgage rate 8.5%. "Flowers FLPP 7.25% right. Yet we should sell the house because teranjur woke up with a commercial interest 8.5%. Consequently we no subsidy from the developer 1.25% per unit," said Eddy at the Constitutional Court (MK) Jakarta, recently.

Subsidies are considered as additional expenditure to be incurred developers. Thus increasingly thin profit developers. Based on a count Apersi, developers subsidize mortgage Low-Income Communities (MBR) of Rp 100 thousand per month per unit for the home.

Scheme with the sale of commercial interest continues to be the developer. Noted there are 40,000 homes that have not diakadkreditkan, as already awakened to the type of 22 m2.

Eddy said that the policy of the Minister for Housing (Menpera) Faridz Djan is a meaningless platitude. With a minimum of 36 m2 building requirements and maximum benchmark price of Rp 70 million for a modest home is impossible. "FLPP (liquidity facility housing finance / mortgage subsidies) this platitude with the current requirements. Merchandise almost nothing for this type of a price of Rp 70 million," he said.

As is known, the Treaty of research agreement Operations (PKO) FLPP 2012 has been signed by the four participating banks such as Bank Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) and the State Savings Bank (BTN). This policy is set out in the Ministerial No.. And No. 4. 5 In 2012

Make Difficult People Under The advent of home dibangunan minimum 36 m2, assessed kill the right people who have the ability to lower installments. Developers also lose, because already building a house type under 36 m2 but not absorbed mortgage subsidy (FLPP).

Indonesia Property Watch Executive Director, Ali Tranghanda mention a few points that bother the people in the home market and the Housing Act Settlement Region (PKP) for this, including the affordability of purchasing power for the type 36 m2 very limited.

Many types of home interest than 36 m2 21 m2 does not mean they do not want to buy a type 36 m2. But limited purchasing power.

"Maybe we should think and change our mindset as those who would buy a house with limited purchasing power. Difference Rp 5 million to Rp 10 million just to make them not so realize the purchase, because the prevailing price sensitive segment. Namely they will buy an affordable home , "he explained in the Court's office in Jakarta on Thursday.

He saw, which happened in Indonesia, 36 m2 type restrictions are not ready because land prices are too high and ultimately the value of the home to be expensive. Would be different when the government has provided land bank, until the price can be lowered. "Due to the lack of land banks, the government should be helped by a small class developer with MBR market segments. Developers are able to build a small type with minimal profit margins," he said.

Then, he said, the developer who had built the house type 36 m2, with limited capital will be difficult to get financing from banks. Because banks banged provisions of the Act that restrict the building of the house.

If this is allowed, the government suffered a setback in the provision of people's homes. Despite huge demand, but no supply of affordable available. In the end backlog (the shortage) becomes larger housing. "PFM Law Article 22 is a policy that does not favor the people and objectively, because it does not conform with the MBR affordability conditions," he said. (Dtf)


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