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Three Secrets of Modern Family Room Decorating

Author: Tabita Diela | Thursday, April 4, 2013 | 11:45 pm - Creating a beautiful modern family room and was impressed right is not difficult. You just need to pay attention to three key, which was to determine the style, the color of discipline, and create "flow" in space.

Committed to a particular style

Try looking for interior decorating reference that best fits your home, the neighborhood, and your taste. Note the common thread of these examples decorations you've collected.

For example, if you want a classic style, you will see the beautiful arches on furniture, color schemes tend to be soft, and symmetrical arrangement. Various characteristics as shouting consistency on a particular style.

Committed does not mean you need to buy new stuff. First of all, try to look at the stuff you already have. Who knows, as long as you already have the goods to match the new design of the interior decor of your living room.

Disciplined in a choice of colors

Color can make a room feel united. However, color can make a room feel like a "ship breaking". To that end, the attention to the use of color not only paint, but also carpets, furniture, and accessories.

Note also the flowers and even books in the room in question. Especially, when the books have an aesthetic purpose. Do not be lazy to check the color wheel or other guides that you can get.

Create a "stream" visual

Make your space feel "flow" with lead eyes at some point and let the other be a complement. First of all, provide something that is the center of attention (focal point) in the room. Various features can be the center of attention, such as a large window or a unique coffee table.

In addition to the limelight, also provide furniture that makes you feel at home in the room. Make sure you include a comfortable sofa or other soft surface. Do not forget, you also should be balancing the vertical fill your room, such as the use of a floor lamp (floorlamp) and a shelf high enough to lead the eye over and over.

It's also important to put unique items, personal, natural, and stuff "normal" such as magazines, books, shoes, sunglasses, and a cup of coffee you are currently drinking. The key, always make sure there are elements that make a room feel alive and inhabited.


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