Monday, April 8, 2013

Efficiency in Design Presentation - To produce a building that suits there are several important steps that must be met by an architect before starting the build, so that the resulting structure in accordance with the desired concept. Stages such as concept design, pre-design / schematic design, design development and working drawings.

At this stage of the design concept, an architect need all the data and information from service users / clients, related to the needs and requirements of the building, so that the aims and objectives can be fulfilled with perfect development based on the concept of interest.

Furthermore Architect will develop architectural patterns, which are embodied in the image to be presented and approved by the client.

Normally a picture or design made in a large size paper and stored in a picture tube size is quite large and less cumbersome to carry around. It is conceivable, if there is a tube in a single design, then be prepared for the alternative design another tube and so on ... so troublesome is not it?

Currently, from the practical side, the shortfall can be replaced by the role of a tablet, a sleek shape is easy to carry and simple presentation, to show that many design alternatives is easier because of the digital format. But, Tablet like what practical addition to the presentation, but also able to create designs directly on the Tablet?

Leave the traditional way of designing

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, the design can be done instantly anytime, anywhere. Revised design that occurred during the presentation can be poured directly on the spot making it more efficient. It also accelerates the proper understanding of the concept that the client wants. Of course, with an understanding of the desired concept in the beginning, it will cut the cost and time for construction to begin more quickly.

Results generated images Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is very natural, detailed objects can be formed using S Pen can be set by goresannya, such as the selection of brushes, pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers are color and size can be determined, just like drawing on paper but do not use complicated.

Serve qualitative aspects such as floor area, the use of information systems, construction, costs and timing of the diagram is unique to attract the attention of clients. Diagrams are created can also be combined with various pieces of an image, which can be taken from the internet or video to support the presentation.

Using this digital canvas, met several clients in a day is not a problem, because all the designs of each client can be stored in one gadget and no longer need to carry a troublesome picture tube. Forms a stylist increasingly supporting appearances as a professional

So, no need to depend more on the paper or other traditional drawing tools, ideas and best work can be contained quickly and easily. All of the experience that can only be found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. (Adv)

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