Monday, April 8, 2013

Uncomfortable with Bathroom in Rent House ? - Renting a house, apartment, or dorm room, you can not go around making "dress" your bathroom. If you are uncomfortable, here are some ways to make your bathroom feel more personal, without changing the look of your bathroom permanently.

Adding storage

The bathroom is one of the most personal room in the house. In this place, you usually save a range of toiletries and skin care.

Unfortunately, the bathroom rental home generally do not provide enough space for all your needs. For that, try looking for additional storage space.

To avoid damaging the wall, you can use the attached storage using the hood-suction, pressure, or silicone adhesive.

Decorative window

Use water-resistant curtains or window film to cover your bathroom window. In addition to adding privacy, "decoration" This window can beautify your bathroom.

Close tile unpleasant

Affix a special sticker on the bathroom wall tiles in your bathroom. Although this sticker is able to last a long time, you still can take them off if at any time decide to move from the spot.

Changing lighting

Change the color of lights, types of lights, as well as adding portable lights a candle in the form of imitation is also able to change your mood in the bathroom.

Unique hanger

If in the existing bathroom hanger, but you do not really like him, remove the hanger from the nails, and gantillah with hangers that you like. Do not be afraid to be creative to make their own hangers. You can buy unique clothes hangers at stores closest household goods.

Decorating with color

Can not provide a permanent decoration that does not mean you can not make the bathroom feel more personal. Try to decorate using rubber carpets, rugs, bath tub curtain, curtains, or towels are colorful.

Small renovations

Keep you comfortable in your own bathroom. When you find a broken faucet or toilet seats are already in bad condition, it helps you communicate with the tenant. Do not hesitate to replace it with your own cost. After all, you yourself are using it.

"Footstool" petite

When you lease a bathroom large, you can also add a small chair that is often called the "stool". This chair can be used as a place to put various equipment surfaces, or your seat when treating the body.

Good luck!

Editor: Latif

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