Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's Property ?

If we talk about the property, which is pictured early in the minds of common people usually are home. It's not wrong, but not quite right if we restrict the shape of a house property only. Said property refers to something that is commonly known as an entity in relation to the ownership of a person or group of people over an exclusive right to such entities.

Forms of property could be land (real property), personal property (personal property) on the ownership of physical goods as well as intellectual property. Property is usually used in conjunction with:

Control over the use of the property. In terms of the party who owns the property with a clear legal basis and can be proven about the ownership of the property has the control to use the property in accordance with applicable regulations.
Rights to all profits from the property. Such properties owned are leased to another party, then he is entitled to receive benefits in the form of the rent.
To have exclusive rights. Ie specifically to property ownership that he has, like what to do with these properties are the exclusive rights on the condition that he have the property that he had not violated regulations.

The right to transfer ownership or sell the property. Property owners who legally have the right to sell or give away property that he owns to another party. With its shifting the ownership of the rights mentioned above will move to the new property owner who has qualified me for the change of ownership of the property in the form of a certificate or other written evidence as provided by law.
Property have resale value is different, it is influenced by several factors:

The state or condition of the property. Tentunnya state or condition of the property that will either increase the resale value.
Location. In choosing which properties are concepts 4L Location, Location, Location and Location. So, specify the location you want to own property there. For the location should not only crowded place or in the middle of town. We should be able to define in advance what our purpose in buying the property.
If we want to be selling items daily needs is certainly a bustling location that you should consider.
If kta want a comfortable place to stay with family is certainly a beautiful and quiet location that we have to look for but still within our reach in the mobility such as work and shopping.
If we want to a place not far from the parents or in-laws certainly its location there should also be in your neighborhood our parents or in-laws. Bottom line first determine your initial goal in choosing a property.
Looking at price comparison property are used herein the environment around us for consideration in assessing how much money should we spend to buy the property, of course with a decent price and in accordance with existing price comparison.
The extent of the interest of other buyers to select properties in the area. In accordance with the law of supply and demand. If a lot of deals and items offered scarce then the price will go up.
Power utility property and the existing condition of the property if it is ready to be occupied or in need of renovation.
Located in a growing area so that the price will continue to rise.
Ease of Access and Public Facilities (These public) and Social Amenities (social facilities) in the area around the property.

Nb: All articles are available based on the theory that we get from the internet or other sources. For results that actually happens in the field hope to be better understood and addressed more wisely.

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