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"House of Shells" from Clamshell Millions!

Author: M Latif | Friday, January 25, 2013 | 15:13 pm

Plastering shells that cover from the front room, living room, and even bedroom. - Although only seen once, Louise Cotton then interested. He even dared to spend money around 120,000 pounds to have one last house on the beach that look of the interior and exterior is covered by millions of shells.

Louise Cotton (48) growing near the house were plastered with millions of unique mussel. Plastering shells that cover from the front room, living room, and even bedroom.

The two bedrooms in the house, for example. "Stockpiles" crustaceans is covered almost the entire surface of the wall to the ceiling. Motive was interesting, because the collection of shells was made to resemble a boat or ship anchor.

As a child, Louise claimed to have bowled with the house. However, he was surprised when recently saw the house it was offered in the home sales market.

The house is a three-story shell in the area of ​​Dartmouth, Devon. The owner, Paul and Joyce Willis, stucco shells of clams to be decorated the house about 30 years ago.

"Just to see her and I decided to buy it. I'm not saying that this is really my favorite, but the design is unusual.'s House had a personality, and I think it's great that we can see things from a different perspective and eccentric," said Louise.

"I may not have the imagination to do things like this and I am amazed by people who can do things like this. Was boat motif, light houses, ship anchors, and everything related to the nautical world," he added.

Today, Louise's new residence on the banks of Lake Street has been a typical building for years. In fact, the face is often graced the covers and post cards appearing on Internet sites.

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