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Recommend ... Building Materials from Coal Waste!

Author: Tabita Diela | Wednesday, April 10, 2013 | 16:02 pm

BANDUNG, - Technology is not created only for those who live in the urban rich and the glamorous. Thanks to technology, people can take advantage of lower coal combustion wastes for building materials of high economic value.

Now it's the various parties are encouraged to energy development and electricity are no longer using. Many factories use coal. Then, where waste is dumped.
- Anita Firmanti

Similarly, the Head of Research and Development of Settlement Anita Firmanti before the inauguration and launch of the results of research and Development Centre of Settlement (Puskim), Research and Development, Ministry of Public Works, Tuesday (04/09/2013). Anita revealed some of the projects that have been executed by Puskim, one of which is the processing of fly ash.

Fly ash is a coal combustion. With the introduction of fly ash processing technology, such materials can be reused and have a high economic value to the surrounding community.

"Now it's various stakeholders are encouraged to energy development and electricity are no longer using. Many factories use coal. Then, where waste is disposed of?" asked Anita.

"We train people around the plant for producing building materials using fly ash. Processing in Pekalongan, Jepara, and Bandung," he added.

According to Anita, there was no resistance from the local community regarding the introduction of this technology. Because, those who receive information from the block paving fly ash can directly enjoy the results.

"Especially the young kids," he said.

Young children who do not have a job to earn a living from fly ash processing. Anita said it is promoting a project that can provide income for these young children.

"Moreover, paving blocks made out of fly ash is strong enough. Then, this product can be popular," says Anita.

He said, Puskim does have duties to perform research and development, including residential areas about standardization. To that end, it is always trying to generate technology, policy formulation useful, applicable, innovative, competitive, and environmentally sound.

"We feel, countries that make up our organization is. Then, we continue to work hard to provide for their technologies, the people below. If rich people have a lot of choice, do not want any trouble. Soon, we translate it," he said.

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