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This is ... 10 Most Unique Houses in The World!

Author: Tabita Diela | Monday, October 15, 2012 | 8:23 pm - Every architect would have its own source of ideas and ideals. The difference this idea to make homes of his work has its own characteristics.

However, some architects apparently still not satisfied only with its own characteristics. Some of them were more interested in creating homes that tend to weird and wonderful. Do not believe? Here are some unique homes in the world is more than just a "distinctively" an architect.

Voglreiter Auto Residence, Germany

German car-shaped house was designed by architect Mark Voglreiter. You can find it on the border of a nature reserve Gnigl ​​near Salzburg, Austria.

At first, the owner bought a corner house in the suburban type house in the 70s. He wanted to update and renovate the house and the whole structure.

In addition to the unique, the house also has technologies to reduce energy use. Heating systems and home insulation is specifically optimized energy-saving technologies.

Houses Spiral - Ramat Gan, Israel

Spiral shape in this house glance reminiscent of a water slide at the waterpark. Zvi Hecker is the architect behind this spiral house. He started construction in 1984 and finish in 1990.

The house is made of concrete spiral with plaster facade, pink glass, rubble and corrugated tin. It is located on the hillside, and seemed more looming than other houses in the vicinity.

Talk about the shape of this house, you will not find a roof over the porch. So, better not leave the house on a rainy day.

Houses Basket, Newark, USA

The house is a replica of the basket Longaberger Medium Market Basket. Only, if usually smaller replica, replica house Basket is 160 times bigger than the original.

Actually, the house is not a home basket. Basket-shaped building is the headquarters of Longaberger Company. The company itself that designed the exterior and interior of this building.

Construction process took more than two years. His first pole erection dilakukanpada October 1995 and employees began moving into this office on December 9, 1997.

Stone house in Guimaraes, Portugal

If you love cartoons 'Flintstones', you might dream of staying in this place. Existing homes in the area Guimaraes, Portugal, this looks amazing. This house seemed to blend with the natural state in dekitarnya.

Bubbles house in Cannes, France

Antti Lovag Bubbles design house in 1975 to a French businessman, Pierre Bernard. The house was sold in 1989 to a fashion designer, Pierre Cardin. The house of 1200 square meters contains ten large suites, each decorated by a different artist.

The Crooked House in Sopot, Poland

This building looks like the buildings in the cartoons. Having built in 2004, this building became the most photographed building in Poland.

The architect who designed the building design based on Jan Marcin Szancer painting and Per Dahlberg. Szancer is a painter and illustrator of children's books from Poland, while Per Dahlberg is a Swedish painter living in Sopot.

Tunnel Houses, Houston, Texas, USA

This house is not actually shaped tunnel. He is more akin to the black hole that sucked (reverse flow). However, the house is still unique. Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, both artists who worked on this house.

Houses Thin, Brazil

Unlike other unique houses are usually made as an art installation or the embodiment of the idea "crazy" an artist, Home Thin "born" because of economic hardship.

The house belongs to Helenita Queiroz Grave Minho in Madre de Deus, Brazil, this is only the width of one meter with a height of ten meters. To put the furniture into the house, Helenita family consisting of a husband, three children, mother and sister, he must unload their furniture-pairs. When designing this house, Helenita currently does not have a job.

The house upside Syzmbark, Poland

A designer once philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski, making house upside as statements about communism and the state of the world today. Making unique home that has a profound philosophy takes 114 days. This is five times longer than perkirannya because the workers had felt unwell while working.

Investigate a calibaration, the visitors pengunjungi home also feel the same pain with workers. Is this something to do with the occult? Or, just because the surroundings are less healthy? Until now, no one can prove it!

Hang Nga House Dalat, Vietnam

The house is also called the "Crazy House" by local people. Today, the house was used as a guess house. Although not stay, visitors can still come and go around the house with a low cost.

The architect Dang Viet Nga, equip the house with concrete stairs, hallways, and homes with unique themes like a giraffe drinking tea with concrete, and also the head of the fish that rose into the sky.


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